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2014 Reading Challenge
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July 29, 2014

Picture book for Girls

The Toothless Tooth FairyThe Toothless Tooth Fairy by Shanelle Hicks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hicks, Shanelle. The Toothless Tooth Fairy. Mirror Publishing. Milwaukee. 2014.
This review was originally posted on Get Kids to Read:
A copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review.

The Toothless Tooth Fairy is a heart warming picture book with an excellent message. All the tooth fairies are on cloud nine for the tooth fairy smile contest. When Zelda becomes jealous of Bella's beauty, she sabotages Bella's chances of winning by knocking out one of her teeth. Bella afraid this means she won't win the contest goes to earth to steal a tooth from a child in order to win. When her attempts at stealing the tooth fail, she learns an important lesson about the inner beauty she possesses.
With beautiful illustrations and a wonderful important message, The Toothless Tooth Fairy should be on every iPad in all the children's libraries across the country. Parents who are looking for a picture book to teach young girls the importance of inner beauty i have found the perfect book in The Toothless Tooth Fairy.

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Lemony Snicket.... Fails!

Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All The Wrong Questions, #1)Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket
My rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Crash and Burn. That is the best sentence to describe this book. After reading and enjoying the first 12 books of the Series of Unfortunate Events and being feeling very disgusted by the ending of The End, I hesitantly borrowed the audio book for this first book in his new series. Drawn in with a premise of a prequel, this one does not even deliver as much as Phantom Menace did.
This was a definite "did not finish" for me. The writing was extremely pretentious. It is annoying to read an explanation of every big word that Snicket tries to use. His habit of instantly just telling the readers what the new words means does not allow them to look it up in the online dictionary and find out themselves. This is the age of the Kindle. When a word is unfamiliar, you can touch it for the definition.
Liam Aiken, who played Klaus in the movie, must have wanted to return to Snicket's world because he has not been seen in anything since the Series of Unfortunate Events movie. He narrates the audio book. His reading is a complete bore. This is seriously a dangerous book to have on in the car. The series continues this fall this series is on my stay away list.

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July 28, 2014

Review: Illusive

IllusiveIllusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A copy of this book was provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones, is a book that instantly climbs to the top of the best of 2014. Illusive is about a dystopia where a powerful disease was affecting man kind. When a "cure" was developed it was rushed to approval before all the side effects were documented. Side effects included things that make the inoculated into more than people. Super powers like affecting gravity and creating illusions among others became prominent. As usual, the people with power fear what they do not understand and those with powers are persecuted and must keep their powers secret or be hunted down.

Our hero, or anti hero is a girl named Ciere, who has the power to create illusions. She is a criminal about to hit a big score. When she gets in trouble with a mob boss, she must team up with an old handler to pay off the debt or face harsh consequences.
Illusive is definitely a book that will be popular. Libraries should order at least two copies of this book to try to stay up with demand. The story has all the super powers of an X men team and the plot of a con movie like Oceans 11. This book makes an awesome choice for reluctant readers who are forced to read a book for school. Share the opening sequence and they will surely be hooked!!!

Nominated for a John L Tierney Award for YA and MG literature from Get Kids to Read (

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Special Thanks to  @Xandersreviews for the recommendation!!!

The Young World: July 29

The Young World (The Young World Trilogy, #1)
Tomorrow July 29 is the release date for The Young World.
Goodreads summary:
After a mysterious Sickness wipes out the rest of the population, the young survivors assemble into tightly run tribes. Jefferson, the reluctant leader of the Washington Square tribe, and Donna, the girl he's secretly in love with, have carved out a precarious existence among the chaos. But when another tribe member discovers a clue that may hold the cure to the Sickness, five teens set out on a life-altering road trip to save humankind.

The tribe exchanges gunfire with enemy gangs, escapes cults and militias, braves the wilds of the subway and Central Park...and discovers truths they could never have imagined.(less)
 It looks very interesting.  Kind of like a modern day Lord of the Flies.

July 27, 2014

Book hangover

I'm finishing Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones and I already have a book hang over.

July 26, 2014

Check it out!

Lockwood & Co The Screaming Staircase is the first book in the Lockwood & Co series by Jonathan  Stroud ( Bartimaes Saga)  This book is like Sherlock Holmes meets Ghostbusters.  Book 2 The Whispering Skull comes out in September.  

July 25, 2014

The Innocence Device

The Innocence DeviceThe Innocence Device by William Kowalski
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Available September 2014
A copy was provided in exchange for a review.

In a dystopian future, prisons have been taken over by corporations and exist to make money. Once that happened, they began to imprison everybody to make the most money possible. This concept would make a great novel. The Innocence Device is not that book. Written in a very simplistic style to appeal to adults who may be reluctant readers or who have not finished High School, The Innocence Device seems to be trying to cram too much story into 100 pages and where the reader would like details about the characters and world, the writing is kept simple. This book is not worth reading.

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